SPONSORSHIPS opportunities

Super 24 2017 Stats.jpg

Super 24 - Singapore’s first 4 dimensional dance competition aims to challenge teams on their teamwork and ingenuity. It has reached over 10,000 audience members in 2017, with a sign-up rate of over 1,128 youths. Super 24 provides a unique platform to reach out and connect to youths in the arts community.

Sponsorship is an ideal opportunity to distinguish your organization to the arts community in the following ways:
* International Marketing Outreach
* Extensive Networking opportunities
* Arts Community Leader
* Developer For Aspiring Youths Leader
* Providing platforms for youth development

Various sponsorship tiers are available for your consideration. To find out how your organization could participate in Super 24 2019, please contact us via
Email: info@oschool.com.sg
Tel: (65) 65090016